Skillbox is a quality of life OSRS client, it will not play the entire game for you, however it gets close enough!
It is 100% compatible with OpenOSRS, and all of its plugins.
We currently boast over 60 plugins.

Activate Special Attack Assistant

Allows you to activate your special attack using a hotkey.

Agility Assistant

It will cast a suitable alchemy spell and eat food each time you click an Agility obstacle. One-click give pyramid tops to Simon Templeton.
It can also automatically teleport to Seers' Bank after completing the Seers' rooftops.

Alchemical Hydra Assistant

Auto praying.

Anti-PKing Assistant

Automatically world hops and logs out in the wilderness. Configurable to ignore naked players, friends, friends chat members, clan members, unskulled players, unreachable players, and consider player proximity to you.


Automatically fights nearby NPCs. Supports safe-spotting.

Bank Loadouts

Will one-click equip an equipment and inventory preset at a Bank.

Barbarian Assault Assistant

Auto-calls, Auto swaps arrows (Attacker), Collect eggs in area (Collector), Bulk destroy eggs (Collector), One-click healing and poisoning (Healer), Bulk-drop bait (Defender), and Highlights tiles (Defender).

Barrows Assistant

Auto-praying and pray-flicking against the Barrows Brothers. Auto solves door puzzle.

Blast Furnace Assistant

Supports one-click withdrawing ores, one-click using ores, auto drinking stamina potions, one-click pay blast furnace foreman, and auto-swapping between Goldsmith and Ice gauntlets.
Requires ice gauntlets and coal bag (for non-Gold ores only). Does not automatically fill up the coffers.

Bulk Item Actions

Allows you to fast herb clean, item pack opening, ammo fletching, bird nest searching, eel cutting, crushing items, chiseling dark essence blocks, and bank-all herb boxes.

Cannon Assistant

This will automatically reload and repair your Cannon, you are responsible for setting it up and taking it back once done.

Cerberus Assistant

Automatically uses damage prayers, preserve prayer, and protection prayers.

Construction Assistant

One-click building doors, larders, dining tables, and guild trophy mounts (e.g. mythical cape).
Auto do last on Butler after building all in your inventory. One-click do last on your Butler.

Cooking Assistant

One-click cooking on fires, one-click cook all in inventory, and one-click wines. One-click tick-perfect Karambwan cooking only on ranges.

Crafting Assistant

One-click crafting dragonhide, gems, amethyst, battlestaffs, and glassblowing.

Cox Assistant

Auto protection prayers vs Muttadile, Tekton, and Olm. Auto damage prayers throughout. Auto gear-swapping vs Great Olm and his claws.
This will not eat food or click on the monsters for you.

Dagannoth Kings Assistant

Automatically prays damage, protection prayers and preserve. Supports pray-flicking. Supports gear swapping when you click a Dagannoth King.
This will not eat food or click on the Dagannoth Kings for you.

Demonic Gorillas

Automatically gear swaps, damage prayers, and changes protection prayers. This will not eat food or click on Demonic Gorillas for you.

Enchanting Assistant

One-click enchanting jewellery and one-click tick-perfect bolt enchanting.

Farming Assistant

One-click planting herbs, trees, fruit trees, allotments, flowers, seaweed, hardwood trees, and celastrus trees.
One-click seeding filled plant pots, and watering all seedlings in inventory.

Fight Caves Assistant

Will flick damage prayers, protection prayers and preserve against everything except the Bats and Blobs during waves. Jad will have automatic protection prayer swapping, but no flicking.

Firemaking Assistant

One-click tick-perfect burn all logs in your inventory in a line. Supports barbarian firemaking.

Fishing Assistant

Allows you to 3-tick fish (counts down when to click), auto-special off cooldown, auto-drop fish and clue bottles, and auto-cut barbarian fish.

Fletch Assistant

One-click log fletching (shortbows, longbows, arrow shafts), bow stringing, arrow making, arrow shaft feathering, and dart making (10 per click).

Gear Swapper

FASTEST gear swapping using hotkeys. Allows you to also activate special attack when you swap.

Gauntlet Assistant

Automatically prays damage and protection prayers at Hunllef. Can also swap weapons for you as needed during the fight. Supports both normal and 5:1 modes for weapon swapping.
Works in both Normal and Corrupted Gauntlet.
This will not eat food, click on Hunllef, dodge tornados or red tiles for you.

God Wars Assistant (Beta)

Automatically prays damage, protection prayers and preserve. Supports pray-flicking.
This will not eat food or click on the boss or minions for you.

Grand Exchange Assistant

One-click offer-all and abort-all in Grand Exchange. You can adjust to sell it 5% above or below market price.

Herblore Assistant

One-click potion making, and one-click tar making. Includes one-tick potion making!

Hunter Assistant

Click butterfly jar to catch nearest and auto-release them, one-click net trapping, 3-tick box trap placing, and one-click birdhouse rebuilding.

Idle Timer Disabler

Disables the Idle Timer, preventing the game from logging you out until the 6 hour mark.

Inferno Assistant

Supports 6 jads challenge.
Automatically prays damage and protection prayers. Will not pray against the blob.

Kitten Assistant

Automatically feeds and pets your kitten until it grows into an Adult.

Kourend Favour Assistant

One-click healing soldiers, quick-digging Sandworm castings, auto-fixing and continuing while ploughing, one-click deposit Saltperes, and bulk create Sulphurous fertilizer.

Magic Assistant

One-click stun-alch-teleport. Fully configurable to allow only stun-alch, alch-teleport, etc.
One-click alching profitable items. A convenient left-click alch feature for your slayer tasks.
One-click plank-making. Click a log to cast Plank-make on it. Supports plank-make-teleport as well.
One-click superheating.
Tick-perfect orb charging at the obelisks.

Magic Training Arena

One-click telekinetic grab, one-click enchant all eligible items, one-click take shapes, one-click take dragonstones, one-click alch, one-click take alch items, one-click take one and alch one, one-click bones to fruit, and one-click take bones.

Menu Settings Assistant

Allows you to use a hotkey to walk to the hovered tile. Allows you to hide player menus: trade-with, follow, report, and lookup.

Mining Assistant

Allows you to 3-tick power mine (counts down when to click), 1.5-tick Daeyalt ores, auto-special off cooldown, one-click deposit gems at Shilo Village, one-click deposit at Motherload mine, auto-drop ores, and clue geodes.

Nightmare Assistant

Auto praying, pray flicking, gear swapping, dodging shadows (not shrooms!), and supports both Attacker and Tank roles. Supports Phosani.
Dodging shadows is beta functionality.

NMZ Assistant

Auto flicking rapid heal to stay on 1 hp. One-click Dwarven Rock Cakes and Locator Orbs to 1 hp.

Pest Control Assistant

Auto-rejoins the boat at round end. Auto-enables quick prayers on round start.

Phials Assistant

One-click unnote bones and planks at Phials, Elder Chaos Druid (Wilderness Altar), and all other banknote exchanging merchants. Supports Tiles at the Wilderness resource area.

Plank Maker

One-click plank making at the sawmill.

Prayer Assistant

One-click tick-perfect offering of bones at an Altar by left-clicking it. Supports Gilded Altars and the Wilderness Chaos Altar.

Prayer Hotkeys Assistant

Toggle prayers and quick prayers using hotkeys.

Pray Flick Assistant

Set your quick prayers, and then choose a flicking mode to get going.

Run Energy Assistant

Automatically uses energy restoring consumables when run energy drops below a configurable threshold. Auto enables run energy upon hitting a configurable threshold (both energy amount and weight amount). Toggle run hotkey.

Spell Hotkeys

Cast spells using hotkeys.

Repeat Actions

Can one-click anvils, fires, spinning wheels, furnaces, cooking ranges, shops, and banks to repeat your last action.

Ring of Life Plus

Automatically teleports you out of danger when you reach a configurable hp threshold.
Supports all teleport tablets, all jewellery (excluding slayer ring and digsite pendant), ardougne cloak, crafting cape, construction cape, chronicle, ectophial, and the hardcore group ironman helmet.

Runecrafting Assistant

One-click withdrawing essence, filling pouches, auto drinking stamina potions and teleporting at Bank. One-click using all essence and teleporting at Altar (supports Crafting Cape).
Supports combination runes, the ZMI altar, and the Abyss.

Sarachnis Assistant

Auto-praying against the big spider.

Slayer Assistant

Auto-killing blows so you do not have to spend Slayer points on it. Auto-equipping expeditious bracelets/bracelets of slaughter.

Smelting Assistant

One-click tick-perfect cannonball making.

Thieving Assistant

One-click to pickpocket up to 20 times with auto-opening coin pouches, dropping junk, equipping dodgy necklaces and casting Shadow Veil. One-click blackjacking. Auto-drop junk when thieving stalls.
All junk dropping is 100% configurable.

Tithe Farm Assistant

One-click watering plants, one-click planting, one-click fill all water cans.

Trading Assistant

Offer all items in inventory.

Vorkath Assistant

Will auto-special with an optional gear swap, dodge bombs, crumble undead, refresh antifire, toggle quick-prayer, run toggle, and smart auto-retaliating. Handles freeze phase and fireballs.
The only thing you need to do is click to eat food, drink prayer pots, and to dodge the fireballs during the acid phase.

Warriors Guild Assistant

One-click reanimating armour set.

Wintertodt Assistant

Resume last action when damaged, auto-heal when damaged with configurable threshold, auto-relight and auto-fix brazier when feeding it, one-click fletch kindling, and one-click rejuvenation potion.

Woodcutting Assistant

Allows you to 3-tick woodcutting (counts down when to click), auto-special off cooldown, auto-pickup bird's nests, and one-click deposit all logs at the Farming Guild.

Zulrah Assistant

Auto praying, pray flicking, gear swapping, anti-venom drinking, ring of recoil equipping, and one-click tick eating.